Buddha's dual culture

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Buddha beads are one of the important legal instruments that Buddhism has produced over two thousand years and has been widely respected. Buddhism, said Buddha beads for the treasure, that hold a few Buddha beads chanting Buddha, and do all kinds of mages, you can clear the spirit of Taiwan, carefully bass, can be a variety of successful merit, Bodhi wisdom of the fruit. In the daily life of the public, Buddha beads were given the disaster relief solution security merit, sustenance of people countless good wishes.


With more and more people like to wear and wear Buddha beads, especially the major stars to wear Buddha beads star effect of the waves, but also to the Buddha beads fashion, jewelry, giving the new culture of Buddha beads connotation and meaning. It is precisely because the Buddha beads set a special religious culture and fashion culture in one, some stone beads bracelet, gemstone bead bracelet more and more respected, as literati, scholars, stars, successful people highlight the symbol of quality.

Wearing a Buddha beads can let us enhance the taste, which is the unique cultural connotation of Buddha beads, Buddha beads is a characterization, or is a reminder to remind us in the time of trouble, in the depressed time, in all psychological imbalance, , With a more harmonious way, more global approach to people doing things. Wearing Buddha beads, and other Buddhist jewelry, that is to remind yourself calmly deal with various situations, good tune heart, failing to meet. Reduce the psychological health of the Buddha on their own control, that is, to reduce or even eliminate the trouble cover up, so that some of the infinite treasures gradually revealed. This is the Buddha's religious connotation, Buddha's dual cultural connotation, making Buddha beads different from any of its jewelry, which is the Buddha's strong vitality lies.

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