Gold necklace and silver necklace classification and wearing technique

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Gold necklace and silver necklace classification and wearing technique

Gold and silver necklace have the following main styles

The silk chain:

The necklace is one of the most popular products on the market at present, its diameter is small, so people wear suitable slender neck, adornment effect is fine soft, small and exquisite, 18 k and 24 k

The whip chain:

It is stronger , and is more suitable for older people, mainly 24-karat gold.

Double chain, three sets of chain:

These all belong to the necklace that the processing craft is complex, its characteristic is the stereo feeling is strong, refined beautiful, the young woman wears the double to add the appearance color.

Jewelry necklace:

The adornment effect is intense, more rich color change.Especially popular among young and middle-aged women.

Fancy chain:

This is a new style of development in recent years. Its style changes quickly and is most popular with young people.Fancy chain by way of chain and curb chain combination, dainty figure, also has a chain of rugged body with variety of floral ornament and combined with jewelry, pearls, all the more luxuriant nobility.

Gold necklace:

Not only the style is much, the modelling is new, and the price is moderate, the young people like.

Heart necklace:

As part of the necklace, it is made of different materials, such as gold and silver, jewelry and gemstones.Young people with lively, dexterous, such as chicken hearts.

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