How to maintain gold-plated jewelry

- Oct 31, 2017 -

How to maintain gold-plated jewelry

Gold-plated layer of jewelry Jinguangcan, the price is much cheaper than pure gold products, and with the diamond is definitely walking in the forefront of popular. But the gold-plated layer in the use of wear and tear as long as a few months will slowly fade black.

Jewelry should be replaced frequently, the same piece of jewelry, should avoid wearing a long time, jewelry coating long-term exposure to sweat, easy to erode, it is best to prepare more pieces of jewelry for regular replacement. A lot of sweat try not to wear. Jewelery worn after washing with water gently rinse, you can also use a neutral detergent cleaning, cleaning with paper towels or dry cloth as soon as possible after drying dry, remember can not leave the water. And then into the jewelry box or soft bag. Keep it carefully, do not put the jewelry together, should be stored in the original bag or placed in a separate lattice jewelry box, to avoid rubbing each other and rubbing the surface.To avoid direct contact with perfume, hair gel and other chemical substances Contact, otherwise it will corrode the coating. Do not wear jewelry, so as not to wear jewelry, so as not to scratch or take away the stones. Bath, hot springs, swimming, remember to remove the jewelry, bath aroma, swimming in the chlorine, salt water, will be corroded Pure gold / silver and alloy, will cause erosion of the jewelry coating.

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