How to pick a suitable necklace

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Necklace as jewelry in the absolute main style, each woman are at least one or two. Look at these or aesthetic or personalized jewelry necklace, how do you start picking it? As a woman jewelry box the most can not lack the existence of how to pick out a jewelry necklace for their own, such an important part, of course, to understand it.

consider the face of the factors:

Sharp face: for the sharp face of the people, v-shaped necklace, repeat your face-shaped lines, should not be used. Short necklaces and horizontal stripes can be your face is not too sharp lines soft, and brooms should be on the side. If the k brooch in the middle will only make your face look more pointed and too many corners.

Round face: should wear long necklaces, such as medium-sized pearls made of long necklace, you can make the face looks longer.

Oval face: oval face is the traditional aesthetic standards of oriental women. This face shape in the jewelry to wear, almost all kinds of styles can match, the same, all kinds of styles are also suitable for oval-shaped necklace wear. And if it is long oval face, you can consider using a short necklace to coordinate.

Square face: square face of people, wearing "v" shaped necklace with pendants, medium and long necklaces can make the face look more slender. Brooch should be placed in the middle of the neck, made of another "v" shaped lines, increase the soft feeling.

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