How to select bracelets

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Bracelet as bright, delicate and charming, for the pursuit of youth, fashion girl, gem bracelet is a personality, unique, and has a certain effect, inlaid on the bracelet, also has the very strong attraction for girls.

How to select the gem bracelet?

Slender wrists and distinct bones, the suitable bracelet should be a double bracelet, which can make the hand lines more plump.


Slim wrists, small bones, suitable for a simple jewelled bracelet;

Those who have a rich wrist should choose a jewelled bracelet with a thicker chain.

A person with an undistinguished skeleton is fit for a unique style of gem bracelet.

How to select the gem bracelet?

Also choose according to the character of the person that adorn, some people pursue vogue, nature will like fashionable youth exaggerated style;

Some people are comfortable, like quiet and insipid, suitable for wearing simple classic gem bracelet.Pearl, agate, and white crystal are suitable for the person of calm character, tourmaline, red sapphire is suitable for fashionable exaggeration person

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diamond is suitable for the person that pursues youth romantic.If it is a gift, you should also select the bracelet from the recipient's character to select the right bracelet.

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