Introduction to rose gold basics

- Sep 26, 2017 -

The characteristics of rose gold

The composition of rose gold is pure gold + copper + silver/zinc.Because the synthesis ratio is moderate, has the good extension, high stiffness, color changing, 25% of the other metals and fusion, high hardness, not easy to deformation or scratch, apply on precision dainty gold jewellery design, can play elaborate design.According to the introduction, K gold is extremely malleable, through the modern technology pull out the gold wire is thinner than the human hair.In addition, the sugarcoating K gold jewellery process complexity, process trival, need professional machine woven woven wire drawing processing, so exaggerated modelling, different styles of K gold than the average 18 K jin-gui huang a lot.Because K gold ornaments sell high, more people buy not to "day everyday wear", but tie-in dress to attend different occasion.

The color of rose gold

Rose gold, single from her romantic name, can arouse people countless wonderful association.In shiny gold ornaments and classic elegance of platinum jewelry, soft charming rose gold gradually become a fashionable personage "darling", by her unique style and culture, deduce precious metals ornaments and a new heaven and earth.

Typically, rose gold is made up of 75 percent of 18K gold and other alloys.Compared with traditional gold and platinum, pink rose gold can not only make colored stones more colorful, but also reflect the delicate and delicate metal materials.its pink, rose and other warm colors to bring people warm and pleasant;Also in style, there are heart-shaped, olive pointed, oval, pear-shaped, emerald green.The adorn of all sorts of different styles, it is bright and dazzling, the female whether the professional attire, or evening dress and condole belt skirt, match with it all show decorous temperament.

Legend pink rose gold first appeared in the late Victorian, metal jewelry designer at that time in this warm color to move to gems and relief, or making a brooch to wait adorn article, now it is popular in the field of fashion ecological theme and jewelry design and production process, and innovation.Pink rose gold, not only the symbol of love, but also contains a warm and meaningful feeling - with pure heart to create, is definitely the best gift for the other half.

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