Jewelry is easy to damage

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Jewelry can be damaged as long as it is used.Sometimes even unused, due to improper storage, it can also cause damage.Damage there is a wide variety of reasons, extrusion, knock against, bear to drag, the distortion is the main reason, in addition, such as high temperature, chemical substances, the body sweat, can also lead to a certain degree of damage or completely damage of the jewelry.


The more vulnerable parts of the jewelry are:

Ring: the teeth of the base of the gem, the wheel and the petals.

Necklace: open coil and hook.

Pendant: small ring, bolt, and small petal of a necklace.

Earrings: butterfly, paw, screw and chain.

Pin: long needle and gem base teeth.

Bracelet: the teeth and chain of the hook, door head, gem base.

Collar: fish and spring clip.


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