The difference between titanium steel jewelry and silver ornaments

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Titanium is a very special kind of metal which is very light, but very tough and corrosion resistant. It is used for aerospace.

1, one of the most common on the market "titanium steel jewelry is 316 l stainless steel," he is on the basis of ordinary steel continue to reduce the carbon content, strong corrosion resistance, suitable for skin contact adorn article, main component is Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo.Not easy to deform, in stainless steel, gloss hardness is better, and not rusted, more suitable for jewelry.

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2, 925 silver: refers to the jewelry containing silver.Because silver is more soft, not when producing, the late wear easy deformation, inconvenience to make silver, 925 silver processing forming too easy "oxidation", commonly known as "color", but in order to reduce the cost on the market most silver ornaments most other metals such as silver and copper alloy, but wearing a long black oxide, easy to deformation.

As a piece of jewelry, titanium steel's color and strength are greater than silver, easy to maintain, not oxidized, not easy to distort, white is not dazzling as silver, very suitable for fashion people to wear.

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