The production process and purity of rose gold

- Sep 26, 2017 -

the purity of rose gold

Although the names of red gold, rose gold and pink gold can be exchanged with each other, there are actually differences in copper content between the three types of gold.The more copper you have, the heavier it is.Because pure gold is golden, pure copper is rose red.The common rose gold is an 18K gold with a gold content of 75%.Since rose gold is a gold alloy, the term "pure rose gold" is incorrect.

The highest amount of rose gold is a 22K gold, known as crown gold, which is a kind of coin money.18K red gold can be made from 25% copper and 75% gold.Typical 18K rose gold, usually 75% gold, about 4% silver and 21% copper, presents a beautiful rose color.14K (including gold 58.33%, copper 41.67%) red gold is found in the Middle East.

The processing of rose gold

Rose gold jewelry is fashionable in the international jewelry industry because of its elegant color and elegance.There are two kinds of rose gold jewelry in the current jewelry market:

1. The base of jewelry is made from the formula of rose gold alloy, and the rose color is its natural color.

2. Jewelry base is other K gold alloy, surface plating rose gold.

Rose gold matrix jewelry, the process is complicated, so the cost is relatively high, see more high-grade brand jewelry.Rose-gold plating process is the late 1990s electroplating process.At present, the rose-gold plating process is stable and simple to operate, the deep plating capacity of the solution and the ability of both plating are excellent, and the cost is low.Can obtain popular rose aureate, color bright, even, have extremely good adornment effect.Therefore, the jewelry processing industry has been widely used.


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