The production process of leather bracelet

- Sep 26, 2017 -

The production process of leather bracelet

Leather raw materials

Choose high quality two-layer cowhide, fine texture, strong hand, mild leather.Natural secondary fur holes and grooves will vary from place to place, and the batch of materials will be different.

Cutting blanking

According to the bracelet style, the material is cut off by the feeding machine.


After cutting the material, the leather bar is even formed, can carry on the following other process operation.

Artificial punch

With years of experience, the master USES the traditional manual way to punch the leather strips to make the handmade leather products have a unique flavor.

Play rivet

The professional riveting machine completes the riveting process, the efficient and easy operation, greatly improves the production efficiency.


Pure hand knitting, make each piece of woven good parts thicker and more uniform.

Handmade beaded

Tie the knitter with the material down and string the beads.



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