The rules for wearing the ring

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The rules for wearing the ring:

If the ring matches the watch, the charm will increase.

When you wear a ring, no matter where you are, you can choose to wear a flower ring.The ring is a decorative effect that can be worn on any finger you want to wear without any restraint.

The wedding ring must not be made of alloy. It must be made of pure gold, platinum, pure silver and natural diamond to express the purity of love.

If you want to both hands while wearing a ring or a two or more number of ring on her finger, should pay attention to the degree of finish is tie-in and proper, best according to wear, and his hands wear quantity and position don't same.When wearing two rings on the same hand, the colour should be the same, and when a ring is complex, the other must be simple.

If you are wearing colored gemstones, be aware of the combination of bracelet, watch, and long sleeve shirt.

In addition, it is best to choose two adjacent fingers, such as middle finger and index finger, middle finger and ring finger or ring finger or ring finger and small finger.Because of the interval between the fingers, it will appear incongruous.

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