The selection of Mens Beaded Bracelets

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Buddhist beads now as an ornament, not only can be used as artwork to decorate oneself, make elegant, understanding, gentleness, in the wrist, neck show.More importantly, it can also externalize a person's beliefs, cultivation, style and hobbies.Therefore, the Buddha pearl is being accepted and loved by more and more people.Many men and women who are not buddhist believers also like to use the beads as ornaments to show their individuality and taste.The men's Buddha bead bracelet can be divided into men's Buddha bracelet, the men's lion's beaded bracelet.

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The size of the male bead bracelet is chosen:


hand string is usually single circle style, the single bead of the hand string is bigger generally, the man is worn more to highlight the man's masculinity.The most common specs for men's hands are 2.0, 1.8 and 1.5 cm.Advice medium height men suggest to choose 18MM hand string, lean body weight chooses 15MM hand string.You can choose between 20MM or more than 20MM handstrings.The number of beads in the field of beads is basically a fixed stipulation. Generally speaking, the number of handstrings of 12MM is 17 (including three links), 15 of 15MM, 13 of 18MM, and 12 of 20MM.Hand strings of Numbers are no strict rules, just beads industry established by usage, if you choose to feel too loose big hand string, can down a beads, this are not especially pay attention to, don't need to care about.

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