the wearing principle of the new employee

- Oct 11, 2017 -

What is the jewelry wearing principle of the new employee?

Relatively conservative work environments, such as government agencies, such as teacher, on the choice of jewelry to relatively simple and easy, not to choose some design exquisite jewelry, its unique charm.Design simple geometric patterns adorn article, low-key and relatively more affordable silver jewelry, adorn the raise your hand is cast sufficient between small idea, let you have more affinity, in the workplace will plus for your career.

Style features:Sweet, clever, simple, low-key accessories

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Compare the work atmosphere of living wave, can choose some to have individual character adorn article, come to highlight ego aesthetic.The choker collar is not only retro, but also visually elongating the neck, giving a thin, innocent feel.Simple and stylish ring, to show the individual character, the girl who expresses the trend of taste, is again appropriate but, fashionable and low-key.Simple and design-sensitive accessories, impress others and make you more integrated into the workplace.

Style features:Personalized vogue, choose to have a color to have design sense adorn article

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Often need to go out office worker, the choice of adorn article does not need to spend a lot of thought, as long as follow concise atmosphere principle can.Contracted big dial watch, not only can let go out of the outside you have time idea, still can adorn integral modelling.Simple chains of clavicles will not go wrong, saving more time and focusing on work.Simple and generous image, easy to get clients, leadership recognition, no promotion difficult.

Style features:Concise and easy, the jewelry with line is the first choice

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