Titanium steel jewelry fashion choices

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Titanium steel is the most suitable for the British characteristics of a kind of metal, wearing to emit the noble, the white light of the cold jun absolutely makes you attractive double.

Titanium steel having composed white luster, not allergic, hard character such as deformation, not faded, is the most hard metal materials in the jewellery, precious value after the essence so as to show after refining.Swedish and German design circles are used to replace white gold, as a token of affection, more symbolic of constant love.Titanium steel is in the air or a senior chemistry corrosion medium can resist corrosion of stainless steel material, the surface is bright and good corrosion resistant ability, commonly used in medical technology and advanced watches, for senior jewelry will not cause allergies and other adverse effects on human skin.Therefore, titanium steel is very popular with fashion people, and many international products are also invested in the development and design of titanium steel jewelry.Our company's new stainless steel wedding rings will win you over.

stainless steel wedding rings.jpg

The maintenance is very simple, only need to wipe with careful cotton cloth to keep the light.If have the smudge on the surface, can use wen shui and take the meticulous cotton cloth with the neuter cleaner gently wash, wipe dry after washing.

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