Wear a bead bracelet

- Sep 09, 2017 -

1.When wearing a bead bracelet, do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision deformation.


2.Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals. Don't wear swimming, especially in seawater.


3.If you have plenty of time, use cotton to clean it after wearing it, and put it in a jewelry box.


4.bead string bracelet because of wear and rub ash, can brush with toothpaste with soft hair brush wash, after washing, want to use cotton cloth scrubbing can.


5.The maintenance of beaded bracelet is often used to touch the jewelry, which will enhance the luster of the bracelet.


6.When washing your hands, it is best to remove it. Soap contains alkaline substances that will damage the beads and affect the gloss of the beads.


7.Be careful not to touch acid or alkaline substances and avoid cosmetics contaminated with beads.


8.Wear bead bracelet to order, wear good first, then wear bracelet, avoid wearing when check clothes, cause beads fall off.


9. Carry small jewelry bags with you, so as to avoid washing hands and dropping the bracelet on the sink, accidentally falling off the ground and breaking down.

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