womens choker necklace

- Oct 24, 2017 -

choker necklace is a kind of neck close to the jewelry, has a long history. Chinese traditional collar is often made of gold, silver and other metal materials, and hung up long life lock or jade ornaments in order to bless. And now popular collar is more refers to paste necklace, a source from the European high society, through the promotion of the industrial revolution has been changing with the trend of the neck jewelry. The current collar can be made of unavoidable material to convey cute, sexy, luxurious or rebellious and other different messages, the other ring in the aesthetic can play a role in modifying the face.

How to match the collar

As a female favorite jewelry, has a long history, in ancient times it was a symbol of luxury, and in the industrial revolution is a symbol of the bottom of the people's respect for the survival, and in the twentieth century also symbolizes the rebellion. Today, paste necklace is more of its characteristics as a sublimation of the appearance of the "weapon." Demand and face deployment to be able to meet the role.

In general, the oval face is basically unconstrained, suitable for any shape of the female neck chain, wearing a beautiful.

Round face of the people will choose the kind of elongated face shape of the choker necklace. They are suitable for slender collar or T-shaped collar. Do not pick rough lady collar or short collar. Do not wear big stones or pearls.

Oval face is appropriate for thick lady choker necklace. As the thick circles can make the vertical length of the oval face look shorter. Heart-shaped face wearing a thick circle is also very beautiful.

Triangle and heart-shaped face are similar, but the triangular face is sharper. You can choose to compare the eyes of the ladies collar, you can also select the line of soft ladies collar to weaken the face edge.. So that you can not moderate the line of the chin.

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