Rings The Testimony Of Love

- Jun 08, 2017 -

A small Rings made of commemorative or decorative ornaments on a finger, made of metal, jade, etc. What kind of Rings does a matter belong to the invention and creation of the country, it is inconclusive. In China, the use of the Rings at least two thousand years of history. From a large number of literature, the Qin and Han Dynasties, Chinese women have generally wear Ringss. The Rings spread to the folk, its role is not only a simple ornament. Men and women love each other, each other presented, Shanmenghai oath, as evidence.

The Rings with stones is different. Diamonds symbolic eternal, in Europe and the United States, every anniversary of the wedding, the husband should generally give their wife a diamond Rings and precious metals, to show love loyalty. Jade said that love, pearl said noble, amethyst that healthy, smart and lucky, crystal with a unique magnetic field energy so that more people love at first sight.

In terms of shape, there are sizes, fat and thin, thickness, length of the points; in terms of its skin texture, there are rough and delicate of the Minute. The natural characteristics of the hand and what kind of Rings to match the most appropriate.

First, the fingers are long and slender and white and delicate type

This is the best hand to wear the Rings, any color, any style of the Rings in this finger will be shining. Exquisite Rings, can make slim fingers added style; if you wear a thick line of the Rings, will make your fingers in contrast to the Rings under the background look delicate and beautiful.

Second, the palm and fingers thick

When choosing and weaRings a Rings, you should avoid using small and delicate Ringss. Because the thick hands and fine Rings contrast, will make the hand even more coarse, the Rings was small. But it is not suitable for weaRings too large Ringss, because the big hand Rings, will make people feel awkward. You can choose a medium-sized Rings, it is best to insert the Rings, diamond Rings or jade Rings.

Third, the palm and fingers are small

This type is not suitable for weaRings a large Rings, such as rough Ringss, mosaic large gem Rings and so on. Large and full of the Rings will make the hand look very small, if you wear a delicate shape of the Rings, such as small inlaid Rings Rings will be against the hands of the fine, look beautiful fingers lovely. Hand small people is best not to wear more than two Ringss.

Fourth, finger knuckles obvious type

Joints are best to wear irregularly shaped Ringss, such as "V" shaped Rings pointed to the palm of the palm, the use of visual

To guide the fingers to grow. Fingers short people do not wear a gemstone Rings, square Rings, Rings Rings, should wear lines smooth line.

Five, hand skin partial black type

When weaRings a Rings, pay attention to the Rings color and skin coordination. Black rosy skin Do not wear emerald Rings or emerald Rings, because the contrast of the color will appear tacky. You can wear ruby, yellow gem and other warm colors into the treasure Rings, it can set the back of the back of the beautiful color, but also with the back of the hand is not strong, this weak contrast is harmonious.

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