Necklace Match Is Very Important

- Jun 08, 2017 -

Necklace and face, neck with the skills!

In fact, the choice of necklace terms, the price is not the main factor, no matter what kind of style, and age, color, clothing with the coordination is the main da!

1, oval face

This face in the jewelry to wear, almost all kinds of styles can match, the same, all kinds of styles are also suitable for oval-shaped face of the necklace wear.

2, long oval face

You can consider using a short necklace to coordinate, although the oval face with a good jewelry, but do not choose too mature necklaces, such as pearls, small diamond necklace, there will be a more old style.

3, a round face

Do not wear the neck, or the chain is too rough and too complicated, such as the collar or by the beads into a thick necklace, this will give a very tight feeling. You can choose long necklace, the use of long necklace V-shaped effect decoration, elongated facial lines. At the same time the sense of extension of the pendant will make the line of sight down for the neck to bring the feeling of deepening, showing MM gentle and pure and elegant.

4, side face

You can choose a sleek pendant, such as water droplets, oval, or long arc necklace, can ease the angle of the face. Material can choose a little soft, like pearl necklace, ribbon necklace, etc., necklace longer than the clavicle, you can mix and match length, such as a string of long and chest pearl chain, plus a dotted in the clavicle between the metal pendant , Will form a beautiful proportion with.

5, inverted triangle face

You can choose short chains, collars and other wear to produce a "round effect" of the necklace, especially with round beads, and more able to produce a "round effect" feeling, you can increase the weight of the face of the face, Department lines look more rounded, plump To avoid wearing a very obvious angle of the jewelry, such as the triangle, hexagonal necklace.

6, long face

You can choose round, horizontal design of the jewelry, can be clever to increase the facial lines. In addition, the long face is more suitable for wearing a "mellow effect" of the necklace, like the traditional pearl, gem beaded necklace is the ideal choice; double-layer, three-tier necklace is also more suitable for long face type of people.

7, Ling face

The most suitable is a simple but dazzling jewelry, such as long single drill necklace. Because the cheekbone is too high has been very play, if you wear too complicated things, will look very confusing. But also to avoid the diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, inverted triangle and other shapes obvious pendant, pattern area should not be large, the chain is not long, in order to make the face becomes more detailed.

8, the neck is shorter people

Necklace length is selected under the clavicle, and the middle of the chest will look better. Avoid wearing square, triangular, or pentagonal corners and other sharp shape, the other material with the color do not choose too cold silver, you can choose a moderate gold or rose gold.

9, face thin and neck slender female

You can choose to wear a single string of short necklaces, so the face will not look too thin, the neck will not look too long.

10, face round and neck short female

You can choose to wear long necklace, if the necklace in the middle there is a prominent large pendant, the effect will be better. Neck beautiful women can wear a short necklace with a pendant, highlight the beauty of the neck.

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