Charm Bracelet Make The Wrist More Soft, Bright And Generous

- Jun 08, 2017 -

Charm Bracelet has become a symbol of fashion, the pursuit of the trend of the focus, and jade Charm Bracelet gorgeous and not vulgar, noble and elegant, more able to highlight the wearer's extraordinary temperament and the pursuit of the taste of life. Especially the green water quiet Myanmar old pit ice kind of natural green jade A white gold jade Charm Bracelet is selected from the old pit ice kind of green jade, is one of the best, the whole jade products shiny full, crystal clear, more important is the meaning Beautiful, meaning career, school, home industry, hundreds of industry prosperity. Many collectors have said that their own in the purchase, collection of jade products are very valued emerald species, that is, we often say that ice, jade pendants on the outer surface of the gloss is very good, translucent to transparent, clear Ice, giving a feeling of ice and jade.

Wrist is the body in the more meticulous parts, with the action of the hand, it is easy to guide people's attention, and attract attention, while affecting the impression of others, Charm Bracelet length of about 20-25 cm, Master the size. Too tight, will affect the appearance and comfort; too loose, and will slide to the hand. Therefore, the length of the Charm Bracelet is generally worn on the wrist, the chain and the wrist left between the gap as well.

1, wrist thin, bones are not obvious

Perfect wrist, suitable for any basic chain, styling chain or theme chain.

2, wrist thin, obvious bone

Suitable for wearing two basic chain, so that the wrist more soft.

3, wrist rich, bones are not obvious

Style slightly wider shape chain or theme chain, bright and generous.

4, wrist rich, obvious bone

Personalized styling chain or theme chain, please turn your attention from wrist to Charm Bracelet.

According to the seven law of David's Law Palace, the crystal is basically divided into two categories: radioactive crystal and absorbing crystal. Radioactive crystal is a high-frequency crystal, it can be radioactive energy to attract some magnetic field, such as the cause of the green ghost, in charge of money purple crystal and health-related backbone crystal, are radioactive crystal, should wear in the right hand. As for the absorption of crystal is a low frequency, the role is to absorb some of the energy, such as love with the pink crystal of this type, should be worn on the left hand. Block obsolete obsidian, should wear in the right hand.

Whether it is a hand or second-hand crystal have been a lot of people only hand, magnetic field is a good disorder, before wearing the best buried in the thick salt pile a night, it will be purified. In addition, due to frequent access to different places, easy to absorb poor temperament, long-term will affect the energy and receive spar, so every time wearing a month, to the crystal on the crystal axis (that is, crystal stone / mother, any type of crystal are If there is no crystal shaft, can be wrapped with tin foil, wrapped in fresh paper, into the natural soil, the use of natural gas purification, or distilled overnight flooding, which will help make crystal more energy.

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