Bracelet Material

- Sep 08, 2016 -

Bracelets with stone or metal. Nanyang jade, hetian jade, agate, jade, jade from xiuyan, jades, aventurine jade, cat eye, jade, Seremban Afghanistan jade, white jade, jade is processing bracelet materials metal materials such as gold, silver, alloy and so on.

Color: Jade color connoisseurs very seriously. Color is not only important criteria for evaluating quality of jade, and is also divided into kinds of jade main basis.

Hardness: hardness is the identification of shetaicui one of the important symbols. Hardness of a mineral is a mineral worth get into a mechanical properties of other objects. Hardness usually in two ways:

(1) the hardness, or rub the hardness, it is a kind of scratch hardness.

(2) the absolute hardness and indentation hardness. Is based on the determination of minerals on the surface can withstand the weight. Shetaicui between the hardness of 6.9~7.2, slightly different varieties. In General white jade slightly Yu Cuiyu hardness. General hardness as divided jewelry precious stones and jade is an important symbol. Gemstone hardness General motorcycle 7.3 degrees above, jade General hardness in friction-4~7.2, shetaicui hard, polished, good, easy to save, have some collectible value.

Density: density is Jade the weight per unit volume. Small weight shetaicui weight # of samples, for 2.65~2.85. Different varieties are slightly different, white jade is 2.85, and green jade to 2.65, jade was 2.75.

Transparency: transparency is a jade allows visible light transmission degree, mainly associated with jade absorption of light intensity, mineralogy is generally divided into transparent, translucent, slightly transparent, non-transparent 4. shetaicui belonging to micro-transparent body under the General progress, through light, but could not see through the object.

Sheen: gloss is Jade light reflex ability. Shetaicui gloss is a shiny glass. The gloss is not strong, is not weak, that there are no strong light Crystal inspirations or low light wax, soft and delicate, sleek.

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