Bracelet Wearing Methods

- Sep 08, 2016 -

Wearing bracelets is easier in the morning, and by noon due to vascular expansion bracelet are not easy to wear. Wear bracelets also pay attention, not to wear the wear, in violation of established rules will make a laughing stock.

Zhuo Yi-Xuan introduction when you wear bracelets, no strict limits on the number of bracelets, worn one or two, three, or even more. If you wear one, should be worn on the left hand should not be in the right hand; if two, then left wearing one, or are worn on the left hand if wearing three, it should be worn on the left hand, not wearing one, the other two. Three more bracelets are relatively rare, even the wear should be worn on the left hand, a strong sense of imbalance and achieve the objective of unorthodox, extraordinary. However it should be noted that this imbalance should be obtained through matching with the clothing worn by harmony, otherwise they will be destroyed because of the unconventional decoration of the bracelet. If you wear bracelets when wearing rings, you should consider both in style and materials, colors, and other aspects of coordination and harmonization.

On those who wore bracelets, should also pay attention to choose the size of diameter of bracelet, is too small it will keep wrist elicits a feeling of discomfort and even blood flow; too much can easily swing fall off and in the process broke his hand. Jade bracelets, try for the times below the wrist pad of soft materials (such as padded), so that in case of falls fall break.

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