Buddha Bracelet Evil Spirits, On Behalf Of Health, Peace

- Sep 29, 2017 -

It is the biggest bright spot here: 6 words mantra, is the Guanyin Bodhisattva curse, contains the universe of great ability, great wisdom, great compassion. Guanyin himself is holding the curse of the Buddha.

Wear he can get the following blessing:

Silver is one of the "seven treasures" in the world of Amitabha. Silver is evil spirits, on behalf of health, peace, longevity; while silver represents the "Buddha" light. Wear silverware to pray for peace, auspicious health mean.

Dragon knot this bracelet is thousands of silver, silver content of 99.9%.

Exquisite and elegant 8-strand braid,Buddha Bracelet a pressure to pick a master of the master is carefully crafted.

8 Chuxiang evil spirits bring good luck

Cinnabar is collected by the sun and the moon essence of the veins, due to the absorption of heaven and earth righteousness, so with a strong magnetic field. Therefore, cinnabar jewelry can be town house, to avoid evil, luck, pray for money. The number 8 symbolizes the satisfaction of everything,Buddha Bracelet whether it is work, personal life, rights, prestige, etc., it will make us one can give yourself a sense of satisfaction over the side. The figure 8 also allows us to learn how to deal with wealth, do not let the material limit the development of inner mind. So 8 cinnabar meaning auspicious wishful, rich and glorious.

The number of Buddha beads in the classic among the great differences, a total of nine as many. In fact, Buddha beads have different numbers, because there is a different meaning,Buddha Bracelet the following general spread according to the argument, its different meaning outlined later:

One hundred and eight pieces: the most common number, is to show that the eighty-three ignorance, and the elimination of 108 kinds of trouble, so that the body and mind can reach a state of silence. The content of the troubles, there are a variety of different claims, in general, six of the bitter, music,Buddha Bracelet homes three by the combination of eighteen; and six of their good, evil, flat three Eight kinds of thirty-six, together with the past, now, the next three, together for one hundred and eight kinds of trouble.

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