Charm Bracelet Lift Gas Field

- May 26, 2017 -

The temperature gradually increased, the clothes wear more and less a variety of bracelets, jewelry should also be worn up, this year's bracelet can not wear the same as before, to be stacked before fashionable!

Metal bracelet stacked

Metal bracelet comes with a soft feeling, it is suitable to create a fresh temperament of the United States, for your shape to add more touching sense of detail, is definitely plus points.

Slightly thick metal bracelet, giving a sense of power and tough sense, want to raise the gas field of the girls can be considered.

Thickness combined with the law, increase the sense of hierarchy, add luster to you, but also a good choice Oh

Charm Bracelet and bracelet stacked believe that many people like to wear Charm Braceletes, in fact, bracelet with a Charm Bracelet is no sense of violation, mix and match style will make your wrist more attractive.

Brown Charm Bracelet and wooden bracelet stacked wear, the same color looks harmonious degree, wear them to attend any occasion are unconventional

And there is such a way of stacking, is a good way to cover the meat, showing thin wrist, spring and summer will be so beautiful cover the meat.

Hand braided bracelet

Unaware of the body to add a lot of jewelry, bracelets, earrings, agate ... ... looking up at the sky, wrist bracelet instantly slipped down, like the loss of mood inadvertently fall. Just remember that it has been hanging on my left hand, like my patron saint accompanied me, no matter what time, happy or sad.

Some people say that the more people on a person's jewelry represents the more his mind, especially boys. Perhaps to commemorate every memorable memory, some people or something.

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