Charm Bracelet Wrist Rich, Bright And Generous

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Ice is the kind of meat after the fleshy jade species of jade, jade body shape look like ice crystal, clear like water, ice Qingyu Ying. Ice kind of jade texture is very delicate, there are glass that kind of pure and transparent quality, but it has three points moist, seven cold, transparent in a sense of ice, a small amount of impurities, fine texture, the surface "fluorescent" is not obvious, often With point-like or small agglomerated "white cotton", cotton structure clear and clear, translucent to transparent.

Ice jade Charm Bracelet appearance is very clear, delicate texture, worn in the hands can give people warm and pleasant feeling. Ice type jadeite Charm Bracelet price and emerald "species", "species" is one of the key to measure the quality of jade quality, it refers to the texture of jade texture, transparency, the top grade for the old, the second is the new "The older the ice, the higher the price of the jade Charm Bracelet.

How to pick emerald Charm Bracelet

Jade is a high value of precious stones, natural real limited. In order to meet the market demand for jade jewelry, in recent years there have been many imitation. So to buy genuine Pei Cui must be carefully identified.

Discrimination. True emerald color for the green or shades of green, red, yellow, white, purple, gray and other colors. Color and soft and soft. Fake emerald green to the left, as well as red and purple. Fake Emerald green and dull, in the color filter will become red.

Test the amount. Fake the weight of jade than the real thing is small, placed in the hands feel when the light floating, and the real jade holding a sense of falling weight.

Look at the crystal. Jade in the more than a small grain of fibrous and flaky or star-like flash structure, these are emerald holding signs. And fake jade, although the human to create a fibrous and flaky, star-like flash structure, but a look can be found in the people, it is not natural.

Jade Charm Bracelet selection skills

Heating method. Jade in the case of no change in temperature, and fake jade emits a high temperature will be issued a smell, a green dodge or disappear.

Selection of jade, the color should be bright, translucent-like no impurities; surface smooth and beautiful shape of the natural share of the goods. Color to green as the most high-grade, light green, dark green, dark red, purple, white, yellow slightly next

See the Charm Bracelet Charm Bracelet head: a good head of jade Charm Bracelet, that is, "kind of" good Charm Bracelet worn in the hands of a good head of jade Charm Bracelet can make women look younger, more energetic.

See jade Charm Bracelet style: jade Charm Bracelet style is very important, the new or popular jade Charm Bracelet popular with young people of all ages, it is also a fashion trend, good style Charm Bracelet work is generally not bad.

Charm Bracelet has become a symbol of fashion, the pursuit of the trend of the focus, and jade Charm Bracelet gorgeous and not vulgar, noble and elegant, more able to highlight the wearer's extraordinary temperament and the pursuit of the taste of life. Especially the green water quiet Myanmar old pit ice kind of natural green jade A white gold jade Charm Bracelet is selected from the old pit ice kind of green jade, is one of the best, the whole jade products shiny full, crystal clear, more important is the meaning Beautiful, meaning career, school, home industry, hundreds of industry prosperity. Many collectors have said that their own in the purchase, collection of jade products are very valued emerald "species", that is, we often say that ice, jade pendants on the outer surface of the gloss is very good, translucent to transparent, clear Ice, giving a feeling of ice and jade.

Wrist is the body in the more meticulous parts, with the action of the hand, it is easy to guide people's attention, and attract attention, while affecting the impression of others, Charm Bracelet length of about 20-25 cm, Master the size. Too tight, will affect the appearance and comfort; too loose, and will slide to the hand. Therefore, the length of the Charm Bracelet is generally worn on the wrist, the chain and the wrist left between a finger gap

As well

1, wrist thin, bones are not obvious

Perfect wrist, suitable for any basic chain, styling chain or theme chain.

2, wrist thin, obvious bone

Suitable for wearing two basic chain, so that the wrist more soft.

3, wrist rich, bones are not obvious

Style slightly wider shape chain or theme chain, bright and generous.

4, wrist rich, obvious bone

Personalized styling chain or theme chain, please turn your attention from wrist to Charm Bracelet.

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