History Of Bracelets

- Sep 08, 2016 -

In the late old age, human beings wearing ornaments of this fact has been confirmed by the many unearthed. Yuweilunduofu Venus sculpture unearthed in nude, with their large breasts, hips, disproportionately small wrist, engraved bracelets category decoration. Found in yisitulizi bone portraits, engraved bracelet-like decorations.

Ukraine Jin unearthed in real, useful mammoth ivory carving of decorative beautiful bracelets. Grimaldi on the Riviera coast unearthed in kind, apart from the outside made of fish-vertebrae bracelet, and shell, oyster shell, animal teeth making bracelets.

Banpo ruins at around 6,000 years ago, Neolithic site of xixia waiting in Qufu, Shandong province, archaeologists have found the Tao Huan, Shi Zhuo, ancient people used decorative wrist bracelets rings. Bracelet unearthed from the physical view, animal bones, teeth, stones, pottery, etc. Bangle shape of pipe, ring-shaped, there are two semicircular ring flattened 20%.

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