How To Buy Engagement Rings?

- Sep 08, 2016 -

Wedding ring style

Ladies would be more extravagant fancy, while the men need to be plain and simple. Two people and, most important of which is suitable for your personality, don't pick the most expensive do not have to pick the best, the most important thing is to choose the most suitable.

Note that wedding ring size

Ring ring size standard, known as the Ring size, in terms of number. Ring size is divided into Cantonese and American Chinese-style. Most people of hand inch in 4-26, between, most sound of measurement method is please jewelry shop of clerk for you both personal measurement, also can used online announced of method itself measurement: found a article fine rope or note, around finger will wearing ring have of place a circle, with a support pen in rope or note Shang of make stack at do a mark, then with ruler volume out its length, and hand inch table a compared can learned that.

Wedding ring materials

Couples generally tend to choose a wedding ring platinum diamond rings, and simple point of selected nude ring in Platinum. More commonly produced in 18K gold and platinum wedding rings, its high hardness, diamonds and precious stones, especially the Platinum is pure, rare, eternal qualities of love, became the preferred material for wedding rings ring, love over gold meaning love forever. In recent years, often not just diamonds in wedding rings, such as Ruby, Sapphire, tourmaline, Emerald colored gemstones, showy also was welcomed by many couples.

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