Jade Bracelet

- Sep 08, 2016 -

Bracelets can be divided into round, flat shapes, can be divided into round, Royal bracelets, and are carved, plain, and several types. Experts say weight refers to the bracelet, the width of the wall. It is worth mentioning that, most of the carved jade bracelets we have has a crack crack needs to be carved on the surface to modify, like two Dragons frolicking with a bracelet (a bead next to the two Dragons), looking very beautiful, crack but it is a very serious fault, not worth keeping.

The color tint of different bracelets, prices will have a big gap. Bright colors the price will be very high, relatively faint color, price, there would be a lot lower. There is the impression of color, color of the bracelet is the get the better of. In addition, it also depends on the color of the bracelet are green or green and can be made into bracelets is made will not be full of Green Green. Under normal circumstances, than Green Green bracelet bracelet prices much higher.

In addition to the type and colour of the jade bracelets, the selection of jade bracelets most likely to read or watch it (outside is green). Under normal circumstances, emerald green part will be very good, very transparent, but green part is kind of special, not transparent, which is known as the "Dragon wherever there is water" (green ribbons to the Emerald Dragon, green places are often kind of water would be better). The green part of the same two kinds of bracelets, because of different base, many times can vary in price.

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