Mens Leather Bracelet Has A Certain Degree Of Decoration

- Jul 19, 2017 -

The origin of the Mens Leather Bracelet

In the late part of the old age, the fact that mankind had ornaments had been confirmed by many unearthed objects in China and abroad. Unearthed in the Vernando Venus round carved naked, with its fullness of the chest, buttocks disproportionate little wrist, engraved with a Mens Leather Bracelet ornaments. In the unearthed in the heart of the monument to the heart of the monument, but also engraved with similar Mens Leather Bracelet ornaments.

In the Ukrainian Maijin unearthed in kind, useful mammoth teeth wearing equipment

Decorative pattern of beautiful Mens Leather Bracelets. In the Riviera coast of Grimadi unearthed in kind, in addition to the use of fish vertebra made of Mens Leather Bracelets, but also with shells, oyster shells, animal teeth and other production of Mens Leather Bracelets.

In the ruins of the Banpo in about six thousand years ago, the ancient Neolithic sites in Qufu, Shanxi, and so on, archaeologists have found Tao rings, stone Mens Leather Bracelets and other ancient ancestors for the decorative Mens Leather Bracelet ring. From the unearthed Mens Leather Bracelet in kind, there are animal bones, teeth, stone, pottery and so on. The shape of the Mens Leather Bracelet is round tubular, round, there are two semi-circular ring together into two.

Neolithic Mens Leather Bracelet has a certain degree of decorative, not only the surface grinding smooth, and some still Mens Leather Bracelet surface engraved with some simple patterns.

Shang Zhou to the Warring States period, Mens Leather Bracelet materials used jade. Whether it is Mens Leather Bracelet shape or jade color, are particularly rich. In addition to jade, this period also appeared in the metal Mens Leather Bracelet.

After the Western Han Dynasty, due to the influence of Western culture and customs, wearing arm wind prevails, arm ring style a lot, there are free telescopic type, this arm ring can adjust the size of the arm according to the size of the arm. Song Shen Shen in the "Mengxi Bi Tan" wrote: "Jinling people Deng six mausoleum, the jade arm of the power of ghosts and ghosts." There is also called a "trip" arm ring, such as spring-like, plate into a circle, as few as three laps, as many as ten laps, both ends of the ring made of gold and silver wire, used to adjust the elastic. This "escape" arm ring, can be worn on the arm, can also be worn on the wrist.

Sui and Tang dynasties to the Song Dynasty, women with Mens Leather Bracelets decorated arm is very common, called it must arm. At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty painter Yan Li's "step chariot map", Zhou fat "hairpin ladies figure", are clearly portrayed the hand arm of the woman's image. This is not only limited to the court nobility, civilians are also very keen. According to historical records, Cui Guangyuan troops crusade section of the chapter, soldiers everywhere looting, to see women, cut down the arm, take the arm and chuan. It can be seen that wearing a woman is not a minority.

After the Tang and Song dynasties, Mens Leather Bracelet materials and production process has a high degree of development, there are gold and silver Mens Leather Bracelets, inlaid jade Mens Leather Bracelet, inlaid Mens Leather Bracelets and so on. Modeling ring type, beaded type, twisted wire type, braid type, bamboo type and so on.

To the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China to gold inlaid precious stones Mens Leather Bracelet prevailed. Jewelry in the style of modeling, the production process has a great development.

Although the Mens Leather Bracelet is considered as an ornament of the arm, when people first initiation of a hazy beauty of consciousness, but there are many scientists believe that the initial appearance of the Mens Leather Bracelet is not entirely from the beauty, but with the totem worship, witchcraft Etiquette. At the same time, there are historians believe that because men in economic life occupies an absolute dominance, making the ring, Mens Leather Bracelets and other ornaments have a metaphor tied to women, do not let it escape the barbarians customs. This metaphor for a long period of time has been there.

And Mens Leather Bracelets, necklaces, rings, Mens Leather Bracelets as a kind of jewelry, was decorated as a supporting clothing, as a work of art to modify their own, as a personal style, a kind of dress up the way, is being accepted by more and more people And use. Mens Leather Bracelet wear, its aesthetic function is often the first one.

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