Mens Necklace Always Looks Different And Innovative

- Oct 20, 2017 -

What kind of Mens Necklace does a boy with different skin color wear? Jewelry is a color, wearing in different color of the person, will appear different visual effects, there are beautiful, handsome, have reluctantly, there is vulgar, this is the color of skin and jewelry matching results.

Mens Necklaces and bracelets are men in many occasions can be worn jewelry, male Mens Necklaces and bracelets are generally rough modelling, quality thick, its shape and pattern is relatively simple, mainly using simple square, round, triangular geometry. Men's Mens Necklaces and bracelets using silver, steel and other materials produced, and the past the heavy gold Mens Necklace has gradually withdrawn from the fashion stage.

Men wear rings more thick, the ring and ring diameter is relatively large. Although the style of the men's rings is simple, the design always seems to be alternative and innovative. Simple ring-shaped men's rings, because the ring is wider, so you can make many beautiful shapes. such as the ring on the surface of the blessing, Shou, auspicious, Ruyi and so on. And the ring can also be carved on the face of animals, names and other patterns, personalized and full, the name ring can also be used as a seal to carry.

1. Dust removal. To clean the dust and fouling of men's gold Mens Necklace, the easiest way is to use a soft brush and gently scrub with hot water. It is best to use absorbent cotton ball dipped in soapy water, anhydrous alcohol scrub, but must not wear abrasive particles scrub, to avoid the weight of gold to reduce, resulting in loss. Because the hardness of gold is very low.

2, pure gold Mens Necklace washing. When washing men's gold Mens Necklace, you should first put the gold Mens Necklace in person containers, then add water to the container, add a small amount of ammonia, then the mouth cover tight, back and forth vigorously shaking, and then remove dry. Wear men's gold Mens Necklace, also should be a button to maintain the switch, a regular drip to the switch of sewing machine oil, in case the switch in the micro-spring rust.

3, the removal of gold jewelry, as a result of the sale of cosmetics in some of the traces of mercury (mercury), Mens Necklace contact will appear after the white blaze or pan-Bai. At this point, do not use a knife scraping or sanding. As long as the appearance of white blaze or a pan of jewelry baked in the fire, and then wipe clean with a soft cloth, men's gold Mens Necklace will restore the original luster.

4, the surface dirt clean, men's gold Mens Necklace surface stained with dirt, will make the color dim. At this time, can be used to flush the photo of the developer powder, and 30-40~c of warm water into the developering, and then add a double dilution, the dirt gold jewelry put people soak 4-6 minutes, with soft brush to dirt, rinse a few times with water can be. If you dip the nail polish with a thin plaid, the jewelry will be brighter.

5, soak the first warm water (40~C) 1000 ml, and then add glacial acetic acid 200 ml into the water solution, and then put the gold jewelry in this cleaning liquid soak for 10 minutes, and then wash with a brush, and finally rinse with water net.

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