Necklace Have Their Own Meaning

- Jul 10, 2017 -

Necklace is a girl standing jewelry, and now, every girl's birthday, romantic Valentine's Day and other festivals, many boys like to send girls necklace, to express each other's feelings. However, many gifts have their own meaning, to send rings, bracelets, necklaces and so on jewelry accessories to different groups often have different meanings, then, what is the meaning of the necklace, you know?

1 "to send necklace" origin

This custom has evolved since ancient times, which is evolved from the marriage custom, derived from the primitive society matriarchal clan to the patrilineal clan transition period. As men were dominated by the economy at that time, then there was a private concept, women become the core of the clan retreat, become a man's vassal. In the clan or tribal war, the winner of the tribe of the woman as a loot, will use metal ornaments set in the women's neck or hand, used to express the private, with the development of the times, these metal jewelry gradually evolved into today's necklace And bracelet.

There is another argument, in ancient Greek mythology, the meaning of men to send girls necklace is "tied", which means that girls are closely linked. We can also understand why the famous writer Maupassant's famous novel to "necklace" named. Of course, this is only the legend and descendants of speculation, but everything is active, nor is there no reason.

2 "send necklace" meaning

Whether to send the ancient "to send necklaces" of the custom, or the meaning of modern people to send jewelry evolution, in general, the boys send women to send necklaces on behalf of the following three meanings:

First, there is the meaning of homophonic. I sent you necklace, that is, I want to fall in love with you (necklace).

Second, there is the meaning of holding each other. To send people who love the necklace is to hold the other side of the heart, not by other people away. General to send necklaces and the other side is to get along with the meaning of the other side.

Three, want to accompany you, life guard you. If you like the boys, then you understand the meaning of the necklace to send, it must be a brave response to the sound Oh

Boys to send girls necklace if the representative of "love", then, girls send boys necklace have what meaning? Generally speaking, to know the girl's mind, from her gift you can see you. If she sent you necklace, you want to know the meaning of the boys to provide the necklace on behalf of this person want to firmly cover you, to express her love for you and cherish.

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