Necklace Regular Cleaning

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Hot summer, it is a good time to wear a necklace, you beautiful United States and the sparkling gold necklace but also out with clothes it! Know, gold necklace to wear after a period of time will lose luster, and the summer hot sweat more, with a period of time the gold necklace is needed to clean. So what about the gold necklace how do you clean it? Regular cleaning gold necklace can make your necklace gloss more prominent, then, how to clean it? Today to support you, so that you can also wash the gold necklace at home.

1 summer cleaning - ammonia washing

Ammonia, also known as Ammonia water, is an aqueous solution of ammonia, colorless and transparent with a pungent odor. In the cleaning of pure gold necklace, the first gold necklace should be placed in the container, and then add water to the container, then add a small amount of ammonia, and then the mouth tight, from the force to shake, and then remove the dry on it.

2 summer cleaning - glacial acetic acid cleaning

Glacial acetic acid is acetic acid, the source of sour taste and irritating odor. When cleaning with glacial acetic acid, first take the warm water (40 ~ C) 1000 ml, then add 200 ml of glacial acetic acid into an aqueous solution, then the gold jewelry into the cleaning solution soak for 10 minutes, and then brush with a brush, Finally rinse with water in the net.

3 summer cleaning - developing powder wipe

Gold necklace surface sticky stains, it is very affect the overall beauty of its. So, how will this time to clean its stains? Wipe with a developing powder can easily remove the stains. Rinse the photo with the powder, against the 30-40 ~ C warm water into the developer, plus twice the water dilution, the dirt gold jewelry which soaked 4 to 6 minutes, with a soft brush brush to Dirt, rinse with water several times. If you use a fine twist dipped in nail polish gently rub, jewelry will be more bright.

4 summer cleaning - brush to dust

Daily wear on the neck of the jewelry is also inevitably contaminated with dust in the air, to clean the gold jewelry dust and fouling, as long as the soft brush dipped in hot water gently rubbed, it is best to use absorbent cotton balls dipped in soap Water, anhydrous alcohol scrub, so that you can easily remove the stains.

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