Of Foreign Origin

- Sep 08, 2016 -

First token ring as an engagement in the world who is Austria wangmaishimini. In 1477, met Mary maishi mini Princess. Maishi mini for her beautiful looks and elegant manners and dumping. But Mary has xuhun the France Crown Prince, but he doesn't give up, in order to win the love of Mary, maishi mini orders was devoted to creating a valuable diamond ring, Mary. Mary facing the open, sparkling diamond rings and burning maishi mini finally changed their mind and married maishi mini. Since then, the pledge becomes Western engagement diamond ring. But in ancient Rome, the ring was used to seal, a symbol of power.

European women are generally in 14th century began wearing a ring. And put a ring on a finger, is also generally worn on the index finger that wants to get married; worn on the middle finger represents is in love; worn on the ring finger on behalf has engaged or married; worn on the little finger represents single. Also worth noting is that the ring should be worn on the left hand.

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