Ring Of Many Different Names

- Sep 08, 2016 -

Rings have existed since ancient times, according to the existing literature, it "notes", "about", "drive ring", "generation", "ring", and many other different names.

The ciyuan volume II "notes" article says: "Note: ring, ring. See the book of wind • quiet • bei ' mussels I glow tube '. ”

Under Ming Liu Yuanqing title Yin Yi • free money--now rings, and notes.

Tu long 60 songs • epiphyllum JI--"about mean, pretend some embarrassment. ”

Chinese Liu Xin of the xijing zaji: "Qi Ji Bai Lian gold drive ring. See finger bones of evil. ”

Wang San, an external study of the series of ancient and modern, volume six "rings": "the Torah institutes of Yue ' ancient imperial concubines concubine group Royal in June, when the pilot, yinhuan, be pregnant with gold back, people in the right hand, back with the left hand. Of this generation, that today's generations. ’”

And these different names of "rings" used most frequently used for the longest time. Whether it is in the history of the book of Jin, the South and the new book of Tang, song and other historical records, still is in the Luo Maodeng Sambo eunuch of the Western mind of popular romance, such as literary works, are recorded on it.

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