Rings Different Fingers, Different Meaning

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The rings are worn on different fingers and have different meanings. In the international arena, on the index finger to explain the single, left middle finger that engagement, left hand ring finger that marriage, right middle finger and index finger that single married, the hands of the tail ring said the wearer's marriage doctrine. In the eyes of the Chinese people, the ring on which fingers are not only the simple meaning of this layer.


The ring is worn on the thumb to symbolize the longevity of the longevity, and the dragon is long and suitable for the elderly, especially the male. But the thumb is best to wear the ring worn on the left hand, easy to wear on the right hand, but also easy for the right hand often work to damage the ring.

Thumb ring to pay attention to style, ladies can wear fine slender circle, to express an independent, Maggie Cheung is the thumb ring fans. Men wear jade watch the most look at the atmosphere.

Wearing a ring on the index finger can improve interpersonal relationships, win the right, and social status. Professionals who often deal with people are best suited to wear an index finger ring.

Index finger ring to choose three-dimensional style, unique shape, craftsmanship of the ring to reflect your taste and unique vision.

The middle finger wears the ring. The middle finger on the ring symbolizes marriage, responsibility, wear middle finger ring on behalf of the accumulation of wealth.

The choice of the middle finger ring to adhering to the principle of generous extravagance, giving a solid sense of constant weight and positive energy.

Ring finger wear ring on behalf of indifferent fame and fortune, regardless of gains and losses, but also the location of the wedding ring, expressed in order to operate the marriage does not care about the benefits and gains and losses of selfless feelings.

Ring finger ring for classical, orthodox style, ring and inlaid gem style is very appropriate.

Tail ring on behalf of evil spirits evil, anti-villain, to avoid the evil of the gas.

Tail ring style suitable for delicate style, mainly to fine type, small fence or inlaid fine gem the most appropriate.

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