Rings Let Love Always Gorgeous

- Jul 10, 2017 -

Love and marriage in front of the diamond Rings has become a form and commitment, your beautiful diamond Rings, a symbol of pure long, is a love of love witnesses, but also contains a good desire for marriage and blessings.

The owner of each Rings wants their diamond Rings to be always brilliant, but with the passage of time, the diamond Rings of light will be affected by various circumstances. So, in daily life, the diamond Rings maintenance is very important.

1, diamonds are very lipophilic:

Easy to stain the stains, stains, weakened the diamond luster and fire color effect, so do not often touch the diamond, try not to wear a diamond in the kitchen cooking, or laundry.

2, warm water wash

If you wash yourself at home, you can use a cup of warm water, add a little detergent (preferably neutral), put the jewels into the bubble ... and then wipe clean. But also to the store to free cleaning.

3, diamonds is the hardest material in nature, but it is also very brittle at the same time.

Try not to put the diamond jewelry together, otherwise they will hurt each other. Diamond jewelry is best wrapped with soft handkerchief placed in the jewelry box, or transparent plastic bags, do not put in the plastic box, stored in the collection, it is recommended to softly softly wipe clean.

4, so that diamonds away from too much chemicals,

To avoid contact with too much chemicals, chemicals are more complex, even if the diamond is hard, but also withstand the corrosion of chemicals, especially when doing household chopped clean chemicals, it will corrode some of the crystallization of diamonds weak The direction of the crystal face, resulting in artificial pits, but also make the fence part of the fade.

5, wear clothes and then wear jewelry

Clawed inlaid jewelry jewelry easy to hang clothes, will lead to loose diamonds, scratches clothing, especially small, special style bracelet necklace more vulnerable to deformation. Everyday should wear clothes and then wear jewelry.

6, regularly with tweezers or toothpick toggle diamonds, check for loose phenomenon.

It is best checked every 3 years to see if there is loose or wear, re-fixed and polished.

7, removed before going to bed, so as to avoid deformation or broken jewelry caused unnecessary losses.

Diamond Ringss are really beautiful, but if you do not keep it completely, it will become dim. Want to make your diamond Rings always beautiful, then take care of it, like in the maintenance of your love, so that love forever gorgeous!

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