Rings So That The Whole Details More Perfect

- Jun 30, 2017 -

From the selection of a single product to the RingS, everyone has their own unique taste, some girls like turquoise round RingS; some like slender golden RingS, when you are ecstatic to buy them home, want Po shaRingS to your friends to see, but always do not know how to shoot the texture?

The following 13 kinds of perfect way to show the RingS, so that your photos into the circle of friends the most perfect!

Golden color, geometric pattern RingS

Relatively thick golden RingS can be placed in the roots, fine style is at the top, the middle finger as much as possible to bRingS the fine style, your fingers will look more slender.

Gem RingS

Gems are very interested in the RingS, in the RingS of weaRingS philosophy, large pieces of inlaid gem RingS is usually worn in the middle finger, and small gem RingS is weaRingS a little finger, the whole up there is a symmetrical and mutual effect.  

Love the silver RingS

All the different styles of small silver RingS to create a Bohemian style, with the shape of criss-cross or iron chain design of the RingS, so that the whole details more perfect.  

Create personal characteristics

As far as possible with the same choice of the same color of the RingS, do not focus on each other out of focus, the number of hands on the RingS evenly distributed, it will not appear side effect is too weak. 

Mashup queen

Want to make your fingers look more slender? There is a very simple way to put all the different styles of different shapes of the RingS, set in the same finger, with the other hand did not wear a RingS, it seems that there is really elongated effect!  

Elegant pearl

With the RingS when the style is very easy to make a mess, and this time usually pearl shape of the RingS will be the most prominent inside, you can pearl RingS as the center, to determine which style of the RingS with the pearl to take the most, the most different , This time they can be eliminated in order, leaving the most suitable RingS. 

Elegant turquoise

For the love of turquoise you, obviously the family has a lot of turquoise RingS, the results in the street vendors do not care to take a home, then you can actually boldly put them all wear!

Fine RingS

Relatively thin or small-sized RingS, in the wear if the finger on a slightly thin, you can use multi-layer mix and match way to show its beauty. 

Rose gold RingS

Rose gold RingS with no extra specification, but the color is easy to alloy color and silver caused confusion, if you really like the rose gold and want to highlight the personal characteristics of the words, may wish to add a rose gold bracelet

Royal type honor RingS

Gorgeous exquisite details also attracted a lot of girls, symmetrical design there is a complex appearance as if they are king queen general, usually weaRingS this RingS when the clothing should not be too thin, you can choose luxury or gorgeous little clothes Match your RingS

Silver wide version of the RingS

Like these bold and wide version of the RingS girl, just as for their fingers to bRingS the same shield, to ensure that their work do not be affected by these RingSs, still can be normal activities, on the other hand the number of wide version of the RingS, his hands about 3 The proportion will be the best.

Do not pick money

If you really difficult to choose, want to bRingS the RingS to pass on, you can choose the arrow design RingS, or some stars, the moon design elements, but remember the arrow pointing to the RingS to ensure consistency, the same color will not be the same Too confused.

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