Rings Very Good To Remove The Fingers Do Not Hurt

- Jul 19, 2017 -

How can the rings take it?

There are many ways to remove the rings, in the beginning, most people do not want to destroy the rings, so only hard to squeeze out. Usually we will first take the rings out of the way, including soap, glycerin, or other oily products to achieve the purpose of lubrication, but with the loss of time, if within a few minutes still can not be removed, it will enter the swelling period The But generally the parts of our rings are stuck in the joints, so as long as the rings back to the proximal can reduce swelling and restore blood flow. But sometimes remove the time is too long, will lead to the return of the vein blocked, this time will begin to swell, and once the fingers become more swollen, arterial blood supply will be oppressed, this time, only the rings damage, Otherwise it is difficult to remove the rings.

If the rings is too hard to damage or to not destroy the way to take out the rings, the method is to try to keep the distal blood of the fingers near the end of the rings. So the handle is higher than the heart is a way, and so on more slowly and then removed; In addition, there are plates or elastic rubber by the way to the front end of the bundle, and then after a period of time and then slowly remove the rings , But in fact, if there is patience slowly with lubrication and rotation of the way, in moderate local anesthesia, swelling has not yet let the rings embedded in the skin before, in fact, can spend some time to remove it, but the skin on the fingers Inevitably will be damaged.

Second, if swollen into the rings into the skin and can not move the rings, with the above way does not work, so can only use tools to remove. Traditionally used to remove the rings there are several kinds of tools, in addition to the pliers, you can also use other damage to the clamp to cut the rings, but the use of tools to destroy the rings when the fear is encountered too hard material rings, Sometimes it is difficult to find the tools to destroy. So in the process of destruction in addition to protecting the skin inside the rings, the first rings out of a gap, and then along the gap with a more appropriate tool to destroy it is also a choice. If these methods are unable to remove the rings or because of ischemia caused by finger necrosis, it can only enter the operating room after the hand anesthesia, in the knife room will be debridement and remove the rings rings.

In the election rings, you must choose the appropriate rings rings, and the best hardness is not too hard to lead to cutting difficulties. If you find a pregnancy or gain weight, you must pay attention to whether the wearings of the rings before the card in the case of the fingers, once found, it is best not swollen too much to quickly remove, or wait until the fingers are Edema must be removed, usually to spend some effort to change the sausage back to small hot dogs, and the hands of the skin is also inevitable in the removal process will be part of the damage. Generally in the fire brigade or provide emergency treatment of medical institutions can help people deal with these issues.

If the soap and water can not fade down, your rings is really tight enough! Recommended several methods should be able to solve your problem:

1, first of all to pay special attention: the rings is difficult to fade in the case, do not fade - the rings changed the shape is more difficult to fade off!

2, in your fingers do not swell under the premise (otherwise you must first eliminate the swelling), with some ice quickly cooling your fingers to make the fingers cold down some, and then fully lubricated with vegetable oil, rotating slowly faded the rings. Note: the fingers can not be in the ice or cold water at the time is too long, otherwise the fingers may be due to prolonged soaking and larger, so that the rings more difficult to remove.

3, spend 10 yuan to the pharmacy to buy a human body lubricant, lubrication effect is much better than the average thing, should be able to make the rings smooth faded.

4, if the above two methods are not OK, then your rings is very dangerous for you, do not fade for a long time may lead to your fingers necrosis, should go to the hospital to solve!

5, to see if you can use a toothpick through the rings? If you can, first with ice water bubble hand, and then use a toothpick through the rings, the gap in the toothpick through a line, and then use the wire around the fingers (the purpose of the fingers of the meat Solid), after a width of about two millimeters, quit the rings a little bit and then continue again around a couple of millimeters. And so on.

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