Stainless Steel Bangle Practical And Ornamental

- Jul 10, 2017 -

Stainless Steel Bangle is known for its undoubted hardness, durability and corrosion resistance. These qualities, as well as rich design selectivity, enhance the sales of jewelry retailers and consumer trust.

In the 1980s, items such as Stainless Steel Bangle bracelets, rings and earrings were popular and were particularly popular among young and male markets. After decades, the popularity of metal products has not diminished, but has been widely accepted by male and female consumers.

Jewelers communicate with each other to understand the current status of Stainless Steel Bangle to understand whether consumers have obvious cognitive changes, and ultimately what marketing opportunities are within their reach.

Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry is made of Stainless Steel Bangle 304,316,316 L and other metal materials through a variety of processing technology for the body to wear a variety of jewelry, including inlaid and inlaid jewelry jade jewelry. As a Stainless Steel Bangle material should have the following characteristics.

① rare sources, mining, mineral processing, smelting technology complex, high cost, expensive;

② chemical stability, especially not easy to oxidation and discoloration, insoluble in strong acid and alkali;

③ colorful, dazzling (gold-plated, glittering; polished, silver glory);

④ has a good processing performance.

Therefore, the Stainless Steel Bangle material of course become the preferred jewelry production materials. Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry from the traditional sense, refers to the ring, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, sleeves buttons, collar clip, hairpin, earrings, collar flowers, collar and other body ornaments, but with the development of the times, its meaning Has been expanded and developed, Stainless Steel Bangle belt buckle, Stainless Steel Bangle frames, Stainless Steel Bangle watches and so on.

In addition, there are Stainless Steel Bangle ornaments, including the characters Decoration (such as the blessing of Lu Xing, the emperor will phase, mortal, etc.), animal ornaments (such as Longfeng Tiger Leopard, from the fish, etc.), plant ornaments (such as flowers Ben, pine bamboo, etc.) Decoration (such as the temple palace tower, bridges and so on) and objects ornaments (such as pots, cups, bowls, plates, spoons, boxes, etc.).

Classification of Stainless Steel Bangle jewelery

According to different classification principles, basis and standards, the classification of Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry, can be divided into different species according to different classification principles, basis and standards, the classification of Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry, can be divided into different types.

First, according to the different materials produced by jewelry, can be divided into Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry, titanium steel jewelry.

Second, according to the intention of the jewelry designer, can be divided into commercial jewelry and art jewelry.

Third, according to the jewelry processing technology or production process of different, stamping jewelry, casting jewelry, electroformed jewelry, silk jewelry and inlaid jewelry and so on. Which is made of Stainless Steel Bangle and other tires, and inlaid with a variety of gemstones inlaid jewelry; made of Stainless Steel Bangle filaments, made into a variety of patterns and gems made of jewelry called filament jewelry; Is made by waxing a layer or layers of plated metal layer made of; cast jewelry and stamping jewelry refers to the use of casting machines and punching machine mass production of jewelry.

Four, according to the gender of the Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry wearer can be divided into men wearing jewelry and women wearing jewelry. Male jewelry is generally bold and bold, while the female jewelry is small and delicate.

Fifth, according to the parts of Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry to wear, can be divided into headdress, ornaments, jewelry, earrings, pectoral, ornaments and other types.

Six, according to the structure and style of Stainless Steel Bangle jewelry, can be divided into rings, bracelets (including bracelets), necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, collar, collar, cufflinks and so on.

Seven, from the practical and ornamental division, can be divided into ornaments, carving class, prime gold, tableware, craft gifts.

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