The Note Of Wearing The Rose Gold Jewelry

- Sep 30, 2017 -

1, rose gold jewellery to avoid contact with the cosmetics, cosmetics easy discoloring the 18 k gold, rose gold jewellery in our daily life can use glasses cloth to wipe, wash your face don't have to pick the rose gold jewelry while taking a bath, but you need to remember to wash after dry moisture to rose gold jewelry.When doing strenuous exercise, it is better not to wear rose gold jewelry, a sports sweat easily makes rose gold jewelry depreciate, the second movement causes pull pull can lead to the jewelry deform.

2. If there are diamonds on rose gold jewelry, attention should be paid to the maintenance of diamonds.Believe we all know, diamond has the lipophilicity, oily be soiled, dirt adsorption to the rose gold surface can make the diamond looks without luster, lose the appeal of the original, so you want to keep the purity of the diamond market, should avoid to use finger often in daily life to caress the diamond, the human body skin grease will cause the dust covering over the jewelry, only in this way can make its beautiful condition, to achieve the best decoration effect, rose gold jewelry released another fashion charm.

3, cleaning the rose gold jewelry themselves to the jewelry store to buy jewelry cleaner, puts jewelry jewelry detergent, reoccupy clear water to wash, and then use dry albatross, also can send rose gold with diamonds to professional jewelry store for maintenance and maintenance.

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