The Ring Is Too Big What Should I Do

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Many people wearing rings have the experience of wearing a ring or wearing a ring, or it's too big to be worn, like a hula hoop on your finger.What about the ring?

1. Buy a red rope, ring it, and wear it around your neck, which is very good and good looking.

Put that big ring on your finger and buy a ring that fits the same finger, but outside that big one, it just blocks the big ring inside.

3. Take the red silk thread around the part of the inner part of the palm of the hand, which people used to use in the past.

4, ring big must change a little, can design good after to find factory to do the cutting + seamless welded (or trimming down work well, not welding line), but changed hands "also to note that not all the ring style can be changed hands", can you change some style is not so small.Be sure to consult a professional before you change your hand.

The ring is usually made in the shop when you are shopping. If it is a platinum ring, you can ask the store to process the ring of the same style.But if it's a mass-produced business, it won't be remade for just one person.The ring is not large enough to be wrapped in a thread.Thread the line to choose a transparent line, or, depending on the color of your ring, circle the bottom of the ring with a thin line.

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